Hey Sorry  for the late post blew my laptop last night! Arrrrrgh!!

Had a tutorial today at uni to discuss final pieces for the collection. As you know i have been concentrating on my hand weave but also Jacquard weaving too, as we have an industrial loom at uni where we can get large pieces of fabric woven fast (it is operated by a technician).  I would like to use print as an accessory to my final collection but i have not developed any particular motif to use as of yet, that section of my collection will come toward the end of the collection when i have woven all my final pieces.

Anyway my tutorial overall was very positive my hand weave honeycomb structures are almost perfected so i have a couple of ideas for final hand woven throws 🙂

With my Jacquard fabrics i have been experimenting using ‘extra warp and weft effects’ combined with my drawing of silhouettes of plants. I am still using the honeycomb structure but in moderation and alongside the other technique. It is important for me to be able  to exhaust all the strengths of the different looms in order to use the weakness of one as a strength in the other.For eaxample on the industrial Jacquard you can not really use thick hairy yarns but you can on a hand loom so it is a case of knowing the effect you want to create and using the correct loom to achieve your idea to the best of your ability.

So i wove this piece which is a ‘extra weft effect’ where you can see the loose yarn (floats) there is no weave at all in this section.

I purposely did this and used a wool yarn 2/16s which is ideal for felting as i wanted to wash it and felt the loose floats. When woven the fabric was very rigid and stiff and i didn’t like it. But once washed…

As you can see the wool has felted! And the yarn that is woven has fluffed up so now i have a super fluffy super soft fabric. From my tutorial it was suggested that i weave a very large piece of this fabric and wash it to felt it to create a luxurious throw! I had only thought of it as a small border on a cushion but i loved the idea of a snug throw! Although my tutor brought up the colour did not match my colour pallet so i tried my hand at dying and i love it even more now!!!!!

The wool is a protein fibre so only dyed partially which was expected, but the cotton from the warp took very strongly as it is cellulose and the contrast of the shades is perfect and i think even makes it look even softer. A really good day in terms of finals and new techniques (making my own dye).

I hope you like the pics and think that the idea of a massive throw is a good one let me know what you think 🙂 Rav



Okays so i like to watch movies, who doesn’t right?? But my friend came to uni last week saying she had watched an advert for a film called the human centipede and that she got scared from this freak show film (and she had only watched clips of it on youtube) she even had nightmares! Bless you, you know who you are 🙂

So i decided to check it out, Saw films don’t scare me but films like Paranormal Activity do.  So anyways i watched the “Human Centipede” and WOOOOOOOOOOO how messed up is this?? Well if you dare watch a clip of it on youtube you will see how messed up this German siamese twin’s surgeon is!! He thinks if he can separate humans that he can sew them together to be a functioning organism! i was disturbed by this film and i so hoped that they would escape but they don’t! Gutted.

Talking of films the new Bradley Cooper ‘Limitless’ looks super good and i will defiantly be watching that! Imagine a pill that allows you to access all of your brain… when i watch it i will let you know what i think of it. I also recently watch ‘Unknowen’ the new Laim Nesson film, brilliant movie with a good twist, but it is a movie that you kind of need to watch closely so when it’s all revealed you can say, oh yea i realised that ages ago, or oh i didnt see that coming (I would elaborate but i don’t want to ruin it for you if you are planning on watching it) hahaha. Over all in all fairness 7 / 10. Also watched West is West all i will say is i watched it on orange 2 for 1 and i think it was a waste of money, not to my humour and i actually though it was boring all about “Mrs Khan Number 1” lol if anything it was like a prequel 3/10. It’s like Marmite you either love it or hate. FYI i think im a hater on this one, sorry if you liked it…

Anyway uni today was spent sitting at my loom having lovely time listening to Rocketeer by The Far East movement, Tuuuuune! I have been weaving using the honey comb structure next to plain weave to try and create the pattern of deep filled ares (where a plant would have been taken out from its plastic holder) next to the flat boring surface of the plastic which surrounds the grooves.

However my warp yarns kept on breaking so I ended up spending a lot of time today fixing those. And I got fed up so decided to distrac my friends to going to the uni summer fair where we got henna done. Sorry for the blurry pic.

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Hey everyone loves chocolate and so do I so check out these that I found

These chocolates have original packing and are called ‘chocolates with attitude’ by Bessermachen Design Studio. These chocolates were designed in cooperation with chocolate artist Henrik Konnerup, 12,000 pieces handmade of chocolate have been made and look super tasty and that’s just the packaging! The graphics are bright and eye-catching, a fresh modern approach to chocolate packaging!

Okays so besides the food for thought how many of you pondered my final thought from yesterday? Well building on that I was inspired to weave using a technique called ‘Rya Knotting’. It is a technique where in by you lift the shafts and insert weft yarns by hand around individual ends, instead of across the whole width of the pick. You tie them on and can cut them to different lengths or leave them as they are. It is a lovely free technique which allows you to create a textured surface on your loom.  When I finish it I will photograph it for you.

Weathers not been great today, very grey and totally uninspiring!

Let’s hope for a warm sunny day tomorrow.


Handed in my full finished dissertation draft today, phew is all i can say!

Have been weaving the rest of the day and here are some pics of my current work. The colour pallet is inspired from my own images taken at garden centres. My current brief is self written and i am looking into the constraints of nature and the way in which we try to control it. My work is heavily influenced this semester by Margo Selby, do search her i am sure you will find her work fascinating in terms of the materials used and composition. I am exploring how we nurture plants in compartments (in plastic containers) and how nature finds its way of breaking out of those boundaries.

All of these are my own images.

My colour pallet was inspired from this image

My 24 shaft loom at uni, weaving so far plain weave using the same yarns in the warp and weft.

Final thought of the day:

Isn’t it strange how we try to control a small simple thing like a plant and it can still deify the constraints and the boundaries which we set it…


Hi guys hope you had a nice weekend.

Ive been busy doing uni work and sorting out my final dissertation draft, nearly done so thought i would take time to write to you all.

Huge thank you to all of you that are supporting me and checking me out everyday, my stats keep rising and that makes me smile 🙂

So what have i got to tell you today? Well through research for my work i came across this intresting weaver named Ptolemy Mann. She weaves her own fabrics and dyes them too, to create textile art.

I think her work is very fabulously bold and i am attracted to her striking use of colour and texture.

Let me know what you think

This is an artical about Ptolemy in Vogue.


Hey 🙂 excited to write but over all not a great day!
Okay so a long day at uni today, been trying to warp up my 24 shaft dobby loom since monday.
It has been problem after problem and i had miss calculated my blocks so i ended up having to cut off ends and re tie extra ends on in between no easy job i can tell you for sure.

But in the end i am now weaving yey!! Started off with plain weave using my warp yarns in the weft. The over all width of the fabric is over 18 inches so my samples will be very big as they have to be as long as they are wide. On monday i will upload a photo to show you how it is all coming along.

I have to do dissertation work over the weekend as my second full draft has to be in on Monday.
So intend to work hard on that over the next couple of days and get this site sorted.
Have a nice weekend!

Hello world!

Hello world!

Wow this is super crazy welcome to my blog and my first post, apologies if the site is not great to start with but stay with me!

Once i have figured it all out and gotten sorted i hope to blog everyday to you