Handed in my full finished dissertation draft today, phew is all i can say!

Have been weaving the rest of the day and here are some pics of my current work. The colour pallet is inspired from my own images taken at garden centres. My current brief is self written and i am looking into the constraints of nature and the way in which we try to control it. My work is heavily influenced this semester by Margo Selby, do search her i am sure you will find her work fascinating in terms of the materials used and composition. I am exploring how we nurture plants in compartments (in plastic containers) and how nature finds its way of breaking out of those boundaries.

All of these are my own images.

My colour pallet was inspired from this image

My 24 shaft loom at uni, weaving so far plain weave using the same yarns in the warp and weft.

Final thought of the day:

Isn’t it strange how we try to control a small simple thing like a plant and it can still deify the constraints and the boundaries which we set it…


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