Hey everyone loves chocolate and so do I so check out these that I found

These chocolates have original packing and are called ‘chocolates with attitude’ by Bessermachen Design Studio. These chocolates were designed in cooperation with chocolate artist Henrik Konnerup, 12,000 pieces handmade of chocolate have been made and look super tasty and that’s just the packaging! The graphics are bright and eye-catching, a fresh modern approach to chocolate packaging!

Okays so besides the food for thought how many of you pondered my final thought from yesterday? Well building on that I was inspired to weave using a technique called ‘Rya Knotting’. It is a technique where in by you lift the shafts and insert weft yarns by hand around individual ends, instead of across the whole width of the pick. You tie them on and can cut them to different lengths or leave them as they are. It is a lovely free technique which allows you to create a textured surface on your loom.  When I finish it I will photograph it for you.

Weathers not been great today, very grey and totally uninspiring!

Let’s hope for a warm sunny day tomorrow.


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