Okays so i like to watch movies, who doesn’t right?? But my friend came to uni last week saying she had watched an advert for a film called the human centipede and that she got scared from this freak show film (and she had only watched clips of it on youtube) she even had nightmares! Bless you, you know who you are 🙂

So i decided to check it out, Saw films don’t scare me but films like Paranormal Activity do.  So anyways i watched the “Human Centipede” and WOOOOOOOOOOO how messed up is this?? Well if you dare watch a clip of it on youtube you will see how messed up this German siamese twin’s surgeon is!! He thinks if he can separate humans that he can sew them together to be a functioning organism! i was disturbed by this film and i so hoped that they would escape but they don’t! Gutted.

Talking of films the new Bradley Cooper ‘Limitless’ looks super good and i will defiantly be watching that! Imagine a pill that allows you to access all of your brain… when i watch it i will let you know what i think of it. I also recently watch ‘Unknowen’ the new Laim Nesson film, brilliant movie with a good twist, but it is a movie that you kind of need to watch closely so when it’s all revealed you can say, oh yea i realised that ages ago, or oh i didnt see that coming (I would elaborate but i don’t want to ruin it for you if you are planning on watching it) hahaha. Over all in all fairness 7 / 10. Also watched West is West all i will say is i watched it on orange 2 for 1 and i think it was a waste of money, not to my humour and i actually though it was boring all about “Mrs Khan Number 1” lol if anything it was like a prequel 3/10. It’s like Marmite you either love it or hate. FYI i think im a hater on this one, sorry if you liked it…

Anyway uni today was spent sitting at my loom having lovely time listening to Rocketeer by The Far East movement, Tuuuuune! I have been weaving using the honey comb structure next to plain weave to try and create the pattern of deep filled ares (where a plant would have been taken out from its plastic holder) next to the flat boring surface of the plastic which surrounds the grooves.

However my warp yarns kept on breaking so I ended up spending a lot of time today fixing those. And I got fed up so decided to distrac my friends to going to the uni summer fair where we got henna done. Sorry for the blurry pic.

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One thought on “Wednesday

  1. :O!! Loved west is westtt!! <3.. Sajid is tooo cute!!.. Loving the blog btw.. defo a loyal follower of this :).. and LOVED the colour pallete of those flowers from the post before.. so pretty! helped with my art 😀 xo

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