Hey Sorry  for the late post blew my laptop last night! Arrrrrgh!!

Had a tutorial today at uni to discuss final pieces for the collection. As you know i have been concentrating on my hand weave but also Jacquard weaving too, as we have an industrial loom at uni where we can get large pieces of fabric woven fast (it is operated by a technician).  I would like to use print as an accessory to my final collection but i have not developed any particular motif to use as of yet, that section of my collection will come toward the end of the collection when i have woven all my final pieces.

Anyway my tutorial overall was very positive my hand weave honeycomb structures are almost perfected so i have a couple of ideas for final hand woven throws 🙂

With my Jacquard fabrics i have been experimenting using ‘extra warp and weft effects’ combined with my drawing of silhouettes of plants. I am still using the honeycomb structure but in moderation and alongside the other technique. It is important for me to be able  to exhaust all the strengths of the different looms in order to use the weakness of one as a strength in the other.For eaxample on the industrial Jacquard you can not really use thick hairy yarns but you can on a hand loom so it is a case of knowing the effect you want to create and using the correct loom to achieve your idea to the best of your ability.

So i wove this piece which is a ‘extra weft effect’ where you can see the loose yarn (floats) there is no weave at all in this section.

I purposely did this and used a wool yarn 2/16s which is ideal for felting as i wanted to wash it and felt the loose floats. When woven the fabric was very rigid and stiff and i didn’t like it. But once washed…

As you can see the wool has felted! And the yarn that is woven has fluffed up so now i have a super fluffy super soft fabric. From my tutorial it was suggested that i weave a very large piece of this fabric and wash it to felt it to create a luxurious throw! I had only thought of it as a small border on a cushion but i loved the idea of a snug throw! Although my tutor brought up the colour did not match my colour pallet so i tried my hand at dying and i love it even more now!!!!!

The wool is a protein fibre so only dyed partially which was expected, but the cotton from the warp took very strongly as it is cellulose and the contrast of the shades is perfect and i think even makes it look even softer. A really good day in terms of finals and new techniques (making my own dye).

I hope you like the pics and think that the idea of a massive throw is a good one let me know what you think 🙂 Rav


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