Hi guys 🙂 hope the sun is shinning where you are… And that you all did something nice for your mothers yesterday…

Went on a research visit today for my dissertation to a place called Sunny Bank Mill. You may have seen them on Look north earlier in the year??

The purpose of my visit was to meet a woven textile designer and consultant Susan Gaunt. Her family has had a vertical mill for 4 generations in Farsley Leeds.

I went there to pick her brains about how she thinks technology has impacted on traditional woven textile deign. I am not able to share this information with you yet but she was very helpful and nice. First thing she said ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ Hahaha true yorkshire way, tea is always the first business on the agenda.

In a totally unrelated topic i brought a stack of Millie’s cookies today hmm super tasty and if you put them in the microwave for 30 seconds then they go all soft and gooey 🙂 lovely!

Aww today i had a delicate flower with me and it got damaged in a totally random act, gutted it was beautiful but i am sure if i look after it, it will be okay. You who did it know who you are!! But i forgive you 🙂

P.S  This is not the same person who was afraid of the human centipede movie.


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