Hey did not go into uni today… I have been catching up with uni work at home today and trying to organise my life and all the pieces of paper in it!!

Why does filing take so much time?? I feel like i need an assistant! Hahahaha,  and that we should type everything and not print it SAVE THE TREES PEOPLE!!

Exciting stuff though i have just applied to do some volunteer work for a museum in Bradford oh and to do this i had to fill in an application form (more wasted paper), I want to be put in the mill section where they have lots of looms dating right back to the late 1800’s to the present. I hope that they will accept me and that i will be able to weave some samples of fabric and maybe design a warp. I know its volunteer work but as long i have some kind of plan once i graduate i think i will be okay.

Still need to watch limitless so that maybe an activity for this evening. Oh and i am really feeling the tune “There goes my baby” by Usher


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