Hello hello what a fabulous weekend!

productive day at uni today i have finally hand-woven one final piece which will be a cushion cover. I also know that one of my final pieces will be a felted wool throw 🙂 so progress has been made! I have been experimenting with producing my own dyes using a mixture of Urea, Water, sodium bicarbonate and Liquid Manutext. This orange is not the colour i want for a final, i want it to be lighter like the previous felted price i produced last week.

Giant honey comb blown up along 31 shafts with weft floats dyed

My cushion hand-woven fabric next to my dyed Jacquard piece. The white is wool which when washed will produce the dame effect as seen on the Jacquard and i will dye it too.

I have a review on Friday for all my work so far to confirm what will be taken through to finals, so that should be informative and exciting.

Erm what else to tell you?? Well i have just uploaded some beautiful photos from my day at Kristall Abbey from Sunday. See the Gallery. All the images are as they were taken and the light was perfect for every pic. Enjoy and feel free to use them, hope they make you smile 🙂 oh and P.S the screwball ice cream is the first brought ice cream from a van of 2011 and it was scrummy!


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