Hi hi world!! And all of you at wordpress

Apologies for my MIA to blogging i am back, life gets crazy busy this time of year in the study world.

Dissertation complete and handed in, another modual in for next week and i have my photoshoot for my business cards and promo material tomorrow. Exciting stuff.

I aim to write every other day now and i will be uploading some images to the gallery of some of my pervious collections now i have received my work back.

I found Hermes spring / summer collection for 2011 a fresh inspiration in terms of bold block colours and the over use of white. I would describe this collection as classy chic meets sultry sexy tight lady; their corsets appear to be made of plastic and are very tight, whitest day wear is loose but pulled in at the waist. whilest looking at their collection i found a French illustrator currently working for Hermes which i liked.

French illustrator Aurore de La Morinerie is working for many prestigious fashion houses like Hermès and Issey Miyake, using mostly watercolor, ink and wash painting, her style is simple yet sophisticated, I love her drawings and non tradditional sense of sketching.

Oh and i have been eating alot of Sunday Dinners recently and super lovely cakes!! Hmmmmmmmm


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