Hey so i had my photo shoot yesterday and it was the most hectic thing i have experienced in terms of organising and controlling my nerves!

You know when you watch ugly betty and shoots look fun and exciting, THEY ARE NOT LIKE  THAT!! Hahaha no seriously! One of my finals looked washed out on the sofa i had chosen to display it on and my samples to be photographed were everywhere on the floor, under people’s feet im not surprised if i have misplaced some. We all had a half hour space in their and it is not until you do something like that you realise how small a half hour of time is!!

My top tips for a photo shoot although i am no experrt….-:

* Be on time

* Have all your work ironed and all edges finished

* Ensure you have all the props you need / may need

* A tool box with things you could need, , tape, pins, make up, hairspray, etc

* Wear layers as it is aways hot in there

* Be assertive towards who ever is directing the shoot, they are your photographs

* Ask the photographer what they think looks good

* If you are using children as props in the images ensure you have filled out the correct forms to allow them to be in the shoot

* Take an extra pair of hands with you so they can do the running if something is missing

* Be aware of whats going on and the time do the shoots you want first and close-ups of details after

* close ups are just as important as photographing a whole piece as it’s the detail that attracts people.


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