Hmm after the photo shoot had a filled week. Got the images back  and have been mocking up some business cards and post cards as promotional material. Pleased with some of the images but the majority seem to not be lit correctly and some photo shop work need to be done to touch them all up.

Tutorials galore last week, but i have had a super clear focus since then as i can honestly say the honey comb and distortion weaves have not been working in my favour.  Purchasing good quality yarns in the correct colours considering finishes applied to yarns and the texture which it creates impacts on your work alot. Spent more money on yarns hahaha i swear to you Texere yarns in Bradford are solely funded by me and my friend who is also weaving!!

Busy weekend to compliment the week, but it was an overall positive one, i organised all my work, brought almost everything i need to complete my collection bonus!!

Uni today was exciting know what my final samples are to be with regard to hand weave, a mixture of honey comes and distortion weaves.

Tomorrows plan weave the final 3 samples and get off my loom!! I know that sounds bad to say but it is stressing me  out that much, i am actually dreaming about hand weaving!! HAHA

I will upload a photograph of my current work area so you can see how the collection is coming together 🙂

Happy Blogging


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