Monday July 11th


Oh my goodness have I got a story to tell…

I have finally left university and awaiting results, I have exhibited at Bradford College and been to London, and exhibited at the Business Centre in Islington at, New Designers.

The exhibition at Bradford was very successful with lots of comments about my fantastic use of colour and texture. My upholstered chair went down a treat and I have had offers for £600.00 🙂 which is amazing as it is a one-off designer piece of furniture.

My fabric lengths I was very pleased with, but from exhibiting it is very apparent to me that they are aimed at people looking for specific lengths in specific designs, and it seems that the buyer would ultimately have a flair for textiles and some understanding about the processes used; making them more willing to pay more than you would for an average throw as they understand the concepts and hard work behind the one-off designs.

London was so crazy, set off to victoria at 6a.m did not arrive until 12.15 the same afternoon! Had a mad rush to get to the hotel drop our things off and then get to the Business Centre to help unpack the van for 1p.m did not happen! Haha did not arrive until 2p.m pople were not impressed but what can you do, was no fault of our own. The rest of Monday and all of Tuesday were set up days and Wednesday was the opening day.

A fantastic but long say I had interest from the Worshipful weavers institute but unfortunately did not win the award, the designer who won was Laura Daley and her hand woven piece was amazing and she did deserve to win! Check out her portfolio on Arts, my portfolio is also on there ‘Ravinder Budwal’ check out my work and let me know what you think. Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all busy days. All I can say is it is super important to speak to anyone and everyone about your work and other people’s in your group, as exhibiting is all about networking, meeting people and getting their contact details.

I will now upload photographs of my final collection and some drawing pieces which has contributed towards the final collection!

Watch out for those….

P.S if your in London over the summer 2 places to hit up for food ‘Giraffe’ which are all over London and for dessert Krispy Kreams!! YUM!

Currently looking for a full-time job within the textiles field… Wish me luck…


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