Hi guys two major huge things on today’s agenda…

1 From exhibiting at New Designers I have made some useful contacts and one of them is craft central. The network benefits include: affordable workspaces, insightful business training, showcasing opportunities, gallery/exhibition facilities, regular e-newsletters packed with relevant opportunities, discounts on a variety of handy services, a page on our popular website, networking opportunities, and lots more… all at heavily subsidised rates! More information can be found here . This is a really useful network to be apart of and only costs £ 100.00 for the year and a lot of the oppertunites brought to you by them are subsided so you always get a really good price! I would suggest this to anyone who has been a designer maker for some time or any recent graduates who would like to go freelance and even for anyone who just wants to get their work and name out there.

2 HABITAT IS CLOSING DOWN! Right now there are crazy sales on at Habitat up 90% off products which you can do the math on! A shame such a fantastic brad has gone onto adminstration farewell Habitat…


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