Hello all, I am back with lots of fantastic images and some dates for your diary.

First off my thumb is better now 🙂 had a lot of fun in the sun, and of course got a lovely sun tan. To be fair Palma in Spain is a nice place even with all the tourist shops and gift stores. If you venture slightly out of the Palma area and down into Palma city the beaches there are so beautiful, white sand with blue blue waters. Strolling through the shops on the sea front (not your usual holiday momento crap) were some really interesting little places selling hand-made jewelry, straw hats, hand-woven bags in silks and wooden carved statues. I saw a big aboriginal influence out there in terms of the patterns and masks that were for sale with dotted patterns on. Hand crafted traditions are strong in Spain of you know where to look. Here are some of the images I took whitest I was out there.








Dates For you

Saltaire Festival – 8th – 18th September

Origin – 222nd – 28th September Old Spitafields Market

The London Craft fair – 6th – 18th  October Somerset House



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