Why is modern technology super annoying?

Trying to call someone who lives miles away and see their face is supposed to be easy right? What with facebook, skye and msn?? Well, for me there was no such luck today!!

So in my bid for sanity before i slapped my macbook i looked at some new exhibitions, here is a few which might be of interest to some of you 🙂

One i found which may be of interest to some of my readers is the ‘Power Of Making’ exhibition which opened today at the V & A in London it is an eclectic mix of crafted objects which celebrate the role of making in our life’s.

The impressions gallery in Bradford starting on the 28th September – 10th December is showing a photographic tableaux of democrtic and politcal paoint in history, if you like art and history but as 2 separate subjects this is a fantastic mix!

And a special for you from the Tate modern Damien Hirst, exhibiting from the 4th of April – 9th September.


WOOOOOOOOO exciting times ahead hey guys 🙂

P.S A note of sympathy goes out to the poor guy who has had thousands of pounds worth of bronze sculptures stolen from him! Outrageous!



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