Autumn Colour!!!

I know it’s not actually here yet but then evenings seem to be getting darker earlier, and now on a morning you have to do the ‘stick your toe outa bed test’ to check the temperature. Then you decide it too cold to get up and that you can spare an extra five minuets in bed tehehe.

From some trend research i have been conducting it is very much apparent that the  muted tones of  a / w collections are a thing of the past. The trend forecast for a / w 2011 is a colourful one!

The most important hues for this season are vivid purple,  pumpkin oranges, strong mustards, teals  and midnight blues. I think one of the keg changes in this season is tha fact the designer Raf Simons (working for Jil Sander) was very careless with him use of colour and liked a mish mash of colours all together, contrasting purples and pinks with splashes of orange.

Dolce and Gabbana had purple, yellow and pink dresses walking down the runway. Gucci was playing with colour, making even bigger statements with red brick skirts, brown knee-high boots and a lilac blouse, very risky but it looked fantastic!

Yasmin Sewell global fashion consultant says…

” It’s not about one colour it is a small gang of colours. You can wear just one, or you can wear many at once. “


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