Just playing around on Photoshop showing to show you how I see the colours and textures from my photographs…



Hi all okays so started drawing was looking at textures from my images, began in a small sketch book as I felt this was appropriate to capture the smaller details and shadows.

Below are some images of larger work that was done on A3 paper it is impossible for me to upload every image of my work, but here are the finals and hopefully you’ll be able to see the progression of idea and design in image 3 and 4 enjoy.

Let me know what you think x




Being working hard, day off tomorrow so I am going to get my self in order, will start sketching and get my skates on with this self set project.

Put some images up soon lots of love and a thank you to my readers, with out you there would be no reason for me to write, if werent reading 🙂 xxx


Came across this today…

Oct 17, 2011 09:27 am | by Cyril Foiret

The People’s Supermarket is a supermarket Community launched in spring 2010 by chef Arthur Potts-Dawson. Located in the heart of London this cooperative non-profit is unique. Managed and owned by the members, the shop operates on a membership system, it offers local and seasonal products for the lowest prices possible. Design agency Unreal was (…) Read More about The People’s Supermarket [Branding] (220 words)

Let me know what you think…

My personal opinion is ultimately it looks like a Selfridges own food brand, the concept is a good one and the deign is simple but also primative. I think they need an emblem to establish their branding as a recognised ‘own brand’.


Hey hey all, I have now taken all my pictures and I am ready to start designing and producing colour strips.

Here are my images 🙂 enjoy

My room wall wher the knitted hanging will be placed.

My room the brown wall where my knitted piece will hang

A few of the pictures ive taken to inspire me… Let me know what you think



Wow wonderful lunch today some of the finest Indian cuisine! Won two games of bowling and did nothing art related today hehehe.

Working all week so looks like I will not be able to get out to start taking inspirational photographs until the back end of the week. Did you all enjoy the Julia & Julie trailer??       I am going to base my project on days and count them down just as she did 😉 cheeky stuff.

On last note:

Happy Birthday to my good friend, thank you for all your support over the last couple of months!! xXx


Marks & Spencer

Collection Research

Introduction: They have tried to create furniture and accessories for a customer to be able to create, relaxed modern living spaces with simple furniture, tactile textures with a little funky pattern.

My Trend Notes

* Big knit throws

* Textural cushions

* Simple stripes

* Pale wood frames

* Monochrome

* Geometric patterns

* Splashes of colour

* Designs looking similar to trade mark Missoni zig zag

* Glamorous statements of gold trims and one-off chairs to add funk to bedrooms and       living rooms

* Funky printed lampshades with matching table runners.

I also recently watched Julie & Julia really good movie about a search for something to do and blogging based around the true story of a famous cook Julia.

Check it out on below 🙂

She sets her self a time line to cook over 500 recipes in a year and she blogs about it, so I was inspired to set myself some deadlines for my knitted hanging, I will blog everyday and photograph every other so you can see my progression 🙂 details will follow shortly when I get my new rota at work haha!