Howdy bloggers!!

Yes yes i know where have I been again? And where are all my images of London? Computer broken and my mac does not want to sync with my camera 😦 grrr!

But my pc is now fixed thank you to my very kind and lovely friend and her techy husband! (You know who you are 🙂 ) so will be able to upload images as soon as I get the internet connected back up!

But I have been busy, got more hours at work, and got a freelance job at ArtWorks in Bradford! So i am awaiting a project to come up that requires my skills. Still on the hunt for a permanent position doing something textile related; also looking for work experience which is not easy, do employers not want to show people how their company works???? Whattttttt!!??

Anyway on a brighter note I am undertaking a personal project to fill a space in my newly decorated room, i think it will be based on autumn fallings so looking in depth at foliage and the textures produced on botanic due to the ever changing weather! (A common theme for this time of year I know but my take on it will not be to produce a woven piece, I want to knit a wall hanging , different for me hey!)

Write back to you soon once I have completed some research into M & S new autumn interiors collection for 2011 x


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