Hey hey all, I have now taken all my pictures and I am ready to start designing and producing colour strips.

Here are my images 🙂 enjoy

My room wall wher the knitted hanging will be placed.

My room the brown wall where my knitted piece will hang

A few of the pictures ive taken to inspire me… Let me know what you think



4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I really love the look of the bundles of dried twigs. I think you could make some really nice textures using knitting and yarns to represents these. Are you using a knitting machine?

  2. Thank you these are just a couple of my images form the garden, I want to go tok Kirstall Abby to get some images of trees and fallen foliage.

    No not using a knitting machine but if you want to lend me yours feel free LOL.
    Im hand knitting xxx

  3. If you want to, of course you can borrow it. Might be a little faster. Could give you chance to do some experimentations on it too. We’ll have to arrange to meet up and set it up sometime.

    Kirkstall abby sounds like a good place. Could try roundhay park too maybe? Or otley chevin? Theres alot if trees and shrubs there which might be good. Let me know, i might tag along if thats ok with you? Lol Xxx

  4. Yeah i text beki to see how she was after matt moving and said we should meet up the four of us. And of course lets do it one day this week roundhay ark sound like a good one to me maybe we could go to the tropical world for fun too. Text me your day off xxx

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