Hello Friends, Fellow Bloggers, Random Readers & New Followers…

Argh where have I been besides eating food??

Hmm tough question to answer, but I have answers 🙂 okay so this project of mine has taken a back seat big time! As you probably guessed however I have good reasons besides eating and working. BUT let me start from the beginning…

Okay so I started with drawing and then began some photoshop work, in between working and looking for full time work / placements. I have been continuously drawing but not uploaded anything as I just haven’t had chance. The weathers been rubbish and my planned day out to Roundhay park with my friend who may have noticed from my previous post didnt happen because where we are the weathers been raining pretty much every day 😦 uninspiring times! So I havent taken any more photos but I have  been yarn shopping and found some really beautiful metallic cotton which is super bright and expensive. It is a tuft of cotton fibers encased in metalic yarns with a composition of 80% viscose and 20% copper and comes in a range of vibrant colours but beware it is not cheap so only buy what you need! So I will be drawing now every day for sure starting on the 10th of this month until the 20th of December which will give me 41 days to design and produce. So watch this space…

Okay so at work we are having a refit which has not being fun its been dirty and a long process (its still not finished) and its only the daydream of nandos with garlic bread and peri peri chips that gets us through the day isn’t it Aaron!

So my exciting news, saving the best till last….

I have a meeting on Tuesday for a placement which starts on the 14th of this month for two weeks with…… Mungo Gurney!! He has worked with Roberto Carvalli and The Creative Archives which says more than enough! So I am going on the 8th to meet him myself and see the studio 🙂 super excited!! Check him out

I’ll be tweeting my nerves on the day so any words of wisdom will be appreciated to calm me down haha.

One the last note thank you for a lovely night last night to my best friend we had a good catch up and laugh somethings will never change between us hey! And to my other friend who brought me lunch yesterday 🙂 and also made me laugh so much but creeped me out with the zombie app for iphones super creepy hehe.

Have fun tomorrow on bonfire night everyone and be safe!

Lots of love keep reading x


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