How did the interview go?? Well! As it is something I have not done before I was honest about it, but won it back with all my strengths and strong answers to ‘real life situation’ questions.

KEY NOTE: Never get to an interview and say you are nervous, it shows weakness!

What have I been up to since my last post, having a few cheeky ones with friends in a small celebration of graduation, working and putting up my Christmas tree 🙂 fun times. Feeling very Christmassy and the tree is decked out red and gold traditional I know, but last year we did a funky infusion of ice blue and silver!

P.s I said in my previous post id upload my images but did not because I crochet a little pice in space dyed yarn let me know what you think.

Drawing figure, using a 2, 4, and 6B pencil, timed drawing of 8 mins, couldn’t do her other arm and ran out of time, oh well…

I love black and white, but my true talent lies within colour. So I looked at tacky Christmas tree lights to try to organise the colours to be able to produce a lovely stripped bit of colour. I think the colours next to one another work, they are not brash or tacky as they appeared on the tree lights themselves. I then happened to be shopping ad came across this wonderful space dyed yarn, which matched my colour strip perfectly!

Using my colours I started playing with resist effects of paint in oil pastel! I also used really watery and thick water colours which add depth to the baubles.


2 thoughts on “Monday

  1. (I can’t bear to kill any trees in order to send cards, but I’m sending greetings in this fashion.)

    Happy Christmas, Miss Rav! Your talent and your eye is undiminished. I’m sending you my prayers and wishes for success in your interviews. May you be offered the correct position, in a place where they value and encourage your work and your growth.

  2. Merry Christmas Mr Invisible Mikey! (I agree with the whole killing trees thing, so i send txts instead ha!)

    Thank you for your kind words and your support : ) on my down days I will read this comment and know someone out there likes my work! Unfortunately i did not get the job, but hey ho, everything happens for a reason.
    Health, wealth and continued blog success for 2012 x

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