Hello and a warm (because its freezing outside) welcome to new AND old followers!

In the spirt of Christmas I having been looking for ‘different’ gifts and ideas this year take a peek…

Courtesy of Stylist Magazine, I was reading through Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Style and picked some of my favourites (that some people may be getting).

For those of you that might fancie something I have tried to add direct links and all product info for you : )

Cabbage CA

Classic Dark Liquid Chocolat

Vintage Coca-Cola Machines – 1957 Vendo 81 Coca Cola Machine

  • Original refrigeration unit, converted to work on a British power supply.
  • Updated coin mechanism
  • All the original hardware
  • Suitable for all standard size glass beer bottles, glass bottles of coca-cola and even mini bottles of bubbly!
  • £7000.00
If you guys were wondering about my interview from last week… Im afraid I did not get the job never mind onto bigger and brighter things. If anyone knows of any work experience opportunities within textiles and design please do get in contact : )
And on a brighter cheeky last note seeing as this has just come on whilst I am writting this post isn’t Rosie Huntington looking smoking hot and sultry in the Burberry Body Perfume advert! Great way to sell perfume, who says sex doesn’t sell??

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