Hi guys

I haven’t been lazy and not blogging to you, I have just been abit crazy busy family, work, designing.

I am working on a design for the tiger print competition which I would love to show you but really cant, not that I am saying any of you lovelies would steal any ideas but it is top secret for now hehehe : D

How many of you checked out pin intrest? It is really addictive isnt it!

I have joined the gym and have my induction on Sunday or next week and I am going to try and swim seeing as its included in my gym membership. Its strange because I can swim but only even swim on holiday. I only really see it as a holiday activity which is silly I know.

I had my photo shoot Friday was amazing and crazy at the same time. The photographer asked me have you done this before? And I just laughed I said yes but it isnt on my C.V. I couldn’t be a celebrity with all that make up caked on my face all day everyday, even though it was nice to be pampered. I had hair extensions in even though my hair is long, eyelash extensions done, a million hair pins and grips in my hair and 5 bottles of water, as it was so hot in there.

I did 4 looks 2 registry looks, one party look, and a traditional contemporary Asian wedding look. I was pleased with all my photographs and when I get them this week I will up load to show you.

I have also been starting some work on Valentines day cards to sell for the special day. Once I have completed a card I will photograph and up load for you to check out and let me know what you think.

Happy Blogging From Miss Rav Budwal xxx



I havent forgotten about all you dear readers!!

I have been avidly searching for a job so unsuccessfully, very stressed about it now to be honest. My aim is to have a job by the beginning of February but I guess we will both have to watch this space…

Other quick news tonight on E! You can watch the victoria secret collection release, which I have already seen, even if you’re not interested in the underwear the music is fantastic!

Also check out its a virtual pin board that lets you share and organise the things you love very addictive or so I hear!! I’m going to try it out and you try it out too and we will get back to one another on it! 🙂

Happy Blogging


Hello Happy New Year! 🙂

Hope you and yours have had a lovely winters break!

So I must start this momentous post off all the lovely presents which were bestowed upon me this festive season, box sets to framed MJ prints, to Pandora n Tiffany’s bracelets plus clothes blah blah.

On the creative news side I have been short listed for an online job about fashion and textiles in Manchester so fingers crossed something good will come of it for the new year. I have also got some modelling work on the 27th of Jan (which just happens to be my best buds birthday) so at least I can add to my portfolio of work. I will upload once I get them.

What is everyone’s new years resolutions?? I would advise you should resolute to make no more resolutions, I’m very sure you would keep that one ahahaha : )

Flu and chesty coughs are a common feature in my life and all those I live with at the moment, but I am going to get creating pieces of artwork this year and sell them on etsy; so once im better I will get to work! I will up load some images of my MJ printed picture and my graduation pic – Im so proud : )

Lots of Loves xxx