Hello Happy New Year! 🙂

Hope you and yours have had a lovely winters break!

So I must start this momentous post off all the lovely presents which were bestowed upon me this festive season, box sets to framed MJ prints, to Pandora n Tiffany’s bracelets plus clothes blah blah.

On the creative news side I have been short listed for an online job about fashion and textiles in Manchester so fingers crossed something good will come of it for the new year. I have also got some modelling work on the 27th of Jan (which just happens to be my best buds birthday) so at least I can add to my portfolio of work. I will upload once I get them.

What is everyone’s new years resolutions?? I would advise you should resolute to make no more resolutions, I’m very sure you would keep that one ahahaha : )

Flu and chesty coughs are a common feature in my life and all those I live with at the moment, but I am going to get creating pieces of artwork this year and sell them on etsy; so once im better I will get to work! I will up load some images of my MJ printed picture and my graduation pic – Im so proud : )

Lots of Loves xxx


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