Seriously how many texts and emails have I had regarding my last post guys! Come on I will fill you in as soon as I know the full score : )

What has been happening in the life of Miss Rav Budwal?

I saw my other best friend last week as she came home for a few days and we had a girly night in and then a night out hahaha.

It has also been decided that when me and my two best friends have our wedding we are having  chocolate fountains at the reception! We melted chocolate and had fresh strawberries with it and they were a dream come true in out mouths tehehehehehe!

I am guessing you all probably caught the Brits? I to watch the Oscars and repot back to you on the hot and the ugly out fits of the night!

Happy Blogging x



I have exciting news but I cant tell you yet ­čśŽ watch this space! Not been up to much as I can say the job search is almost over… ­čśÇ argh! Hehehehe hope you are all very well I have been cooking alot lately seeing as I have time on my hands. Here is a nice pic of some baby carrots that I shallowed crisped up on the outside in extra virgin olive oil. They were scrummy!


Valentines Day…

It takes a lot for me to add a second title in my posts, so to all you valentines day lovers that ones for you : )

personally Im not into the whole valentines day thing, it’s a nice gesture BUT its a waste of money no? Or maybe I am super cynical… Hmm a thought to ponder.

Thought about it and no I am not cynical I am lovely and if you want to share your affections ┬áthat’s up to you. Plus I have done some loving designs that could be used as card designs, not just for the love of your life but for your best friend, your brother / sister.

Hope you like them I used water colours, black pen and ink. I wanted to get super media crazy but I didn’t want the designs to turn out messy. Enjoy! (Feel free to email onto loved ones) Happy Valentines Day Readers : ) xxx

P.S this first pic is of some Roses, I didn’t have a vase so took some inspiration from a book I blogged about last year (contemporary flower arrangements)


Dudes, Dudettes and CBFG’S (cute big friendly giants)

Okays so feeling incredibly good but pooped at the same time the gym is really taking it out of me! Plus I decided to join aqua-size which is really good and gives you a fun work out in the water (being able to play with floats and foam tubes has nothing to do with me joining : D )!

I decided that I am going to make you wait until valentines day to see my designs, so If you want to feel the love on February the 14th; then have a peek at my post on that day to cheer you up. I promise it isn’t all lovely dovey smushy crap.

Also I think I metioned the tiger print competion which I am entering and once the deadline is up then I will post a picture of the image I sent in. Very excited about it to be honest take a look at the brief if you want –

Finally my photo-shoot images, hope you like them…

Registry Look

Wedding Day Look

Party Look

See you soon x