Dudes, Dudettes and CBFG’S (cute big friendly giants)

Okays so feeling incredibly good but pooped at the same time the gym is really taking it out of me! Plus I decided to join aqua-size which is really good and gives you a fun work out in the water (being able to play with floats and foam tubes has nothing to do with me joining : D )!

I decided that I am going to make you wait until valentines day to see my designs, so If you want to feel the love on February the 14th; then have a peek at my post on that day to cheer you up. I promise it isn’t all lovely dovey smushy crap.

Also I think I metioned the tiger print competion which I am entering and once the deadline is up then I will post a picture of the image I sent in. Very excited about it to be honest take a look at the brief if you want –

Finally my photo-shoot images, hope you like them…

Registry Look

Wedding Day Look

Party Look

See you soon x


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. Hi there, I’m liking the recent post great stuff your modeling pictures look fantastic you look beautiful in them, looking forward to seeing your designs as well.

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