Valentines Day…

It takes a lot for me to add a second title in my posts, so to all you valentines day lovers that ones for you : )

personally Im not into the whole valentines day thing, it’s a nice gesture BUT its a waste of money no? Or maybe I am super cynical… Hmm a thought to ponder.

Thought about it and no I am not cynical I am lovely and if you want to share your affections  that’s up to you. Plus I have done some loving designs that could be used as card designs, not just for the love of your life but for your best friend, your brother / sister.

Hope you like them I used water colours, black pen and ink. I wanted to get super media crazy but I didn’t want the designs to turn out messy. Enjoy! (Feel free to email onto loved ones) Happy Valentines Day Readers : ) xxx

P.S this first pic is of some Roses, I didn’t have a vase so took some inspiration from a book I blogged about last year (contemporary flower arrangements)


One thought on “Tuesday

  1. Hi,
    I have to say your blogs make me smile and I believe that your work is rather inspiring. We must meet up at some point and discuss if we can work together and come up with bright ideas.

    RK Soond x

    Wedding day photo shoot.. Very you x

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