Did I get Lost In Cyber Space?

Ahahahaha no but sometimes I wish I did life would be easier no?

At least I have some bit to show you to prove I have been working and not just being plain old lazy…

Thursday 8th March I was involved in a day called ‘Not The Olympics’ in aid of international womens day. The aim of the day was to promote women in a positive way through creative projects such as singing, drawing, dancing, yoga weaving and origami. I was working with Artworks for this particular event which was at Manningham Mills (one of Bradford oldest industrial mills). My role in the day was to show people how to weave on small pieces of card. I began with showing the the basic under and over structure of a plain weave and then left them to it explaining which other types of weave structures there are. We had beautiful yarns from bouclé to mohair and soft wools (from textere yarns Bradford). We got the ladies to weave some fabric and then put a message or a promise to themselves in it to inspire them. Here are the ones I wove.


I also tried my hand at origami which was actually surprisingly hard. Even with instructions and someone explaining it to you. The idea here was the same too with the message or promise. Check out my box…

My promise reads: To keep healthy and fit without too much junk food : )
Hope all my readers are well and this post finds you in good health x