Hi Guys!

Okay from my younger brothers sweet 16 to the completion of my fish (below)

Front ViewImageBack View 

ImageSo happy with my Laurel Birch inspired container it took long enough that much I can tell you, a full half term LOL!

Also made pizza this week at school and they were tasty tehehehe! On Wednesday I felt a bit creative. As my brother has been revising for exams there were loads of highlighters out all over the dinning room table. I saw the vibrant colours and thought hmmm. I just picked up a thin tipped liner and just began scribbling, it turned out that I did 4 nice continuous line drawings / pattern type abstract art pieces. Have a peek : )


ImageImageImageThe pink one is my favourite its very free…

I have found out alot about people this week too. Some people want to love you, some want to care and some don’t care at all. So people show your love and if you get rejected move on lifes too short and if you proposals accepted make them feel like they are the most special person in the whole world! 

Got to shout out to my best friend Sab she is the best freind any girl could have! And that reminds me I met Laura last week too and me and her are trying to have a date in Wagamamas but it is just not happening lol!

I also left school on Friday I have stopped volunteering now because I need a full time paid job. So back to the drawing board! (How ironci ‘draing baord’).

Heres some  of the cards the students made me awww sob sob!



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