Sunday 24th March 2013


Snows back again and the hopes of a holiday are near! Because soon it is Easter (hmm any excuse for some chocolate)

So what do I have to tell you now?? Well congratulations to my three friends who have found new jobs one is Helen Law and she is going solo into the wedding stationary business- GOOD LUCK! Charlotte who has landed her first teaching job – so proud : ) And the other who has found his dream teaching job- WELL DONE!

Also I have passed my assignment at the master level so I am really happy about that! School is going great at the moment but I have a scary feeling it is going to get very hectic after Easter… Watch this space. On the other hand have not had much luck with jobs just yet, so fingers crossed please readers! 

Soooo as you know I love my food, lets not pretend I don’t! (Even though I have been busting my ass in the gym and lost half a stone 🙂 happy days)

Here are some designer Easter eggs you may like to purchase…

Happy Blogging and reading : ) xox


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