Hello lovely readers : )

Yes my greeting to you would suggest a happy mood but come on I am always nice to you right? : ) Yes, yes you I know you are smiling right now : ) ( I try my best )

I have been blogging just over a year now and I am thankful to all my followers; for all your likes and comments on my stuff.

So… Thank you : )

Now its that time of year again final summer shows. Arrrrghhhh so glad its not me I couldn’t do it all again gods honest truth its so stressful! So some dates for your dairies New Designers Business Design Centre in London, Angel Islington 27th – 30th June part one 4th – 7th July part two. I exhibited there last year and it was one of the best things i have ever done! It really puts you out there and makes you realise you are up against some stiff competition; it is the biggest design exhibition for new garduates. Me last year at my space.


How was everyones diamond jubilee weekend? Who had street party? In the rain? Hahahahaha Who stayed in and watched everything on T.V? LOL! For the bank holiday I went down south to spend time with family. We had a nice time together we watched the boat display on T.V ate, drank, laughed good times. Then I came back to seven straight days of work which equalled to me being! Shout out to my best friend Sophie who trekked it home to see me and our other best friend Sab! Missing you already : ( and Sab get better soon poor you with your nasty laryngitis.

Monday saw the return of the gym booooooo! But its official…

I have lost half a stone!! YEY! 

Watch out for my next post because I will have a sneak preview of some of my designer friends works. So if you cant make it to a summer show then you can still have your design fix here!

Lots of loves : )


Hi guys

I haven’t been lazy and not blogging to you, I have just been abit crazy busy family, work, designing.

I am working on a design for the tiger print competition which I would love to show you but really cant, not that I am saying any of you lovelies would steal any ideas but it is top secret for now hehehe : D

How many of you checked out pin intrest? It is really addictive isnt it!

I have joined the gym and have my induction on Sunday or next week and I am going to try and swim seeing as its included in my gym membership. Its strange because I can swim but only even swim on holiday. I only really see it as a holiday activity which is silly I know.

I had my photo shoot Friday was amazing and crazy at the same time. The photographer asked me have you done this before? And I just laughed I said yes but it isnt on my C.V. I couldn’t be a celebrity with all that make up caked on my face all day everyday, even though it was nice to be pampered. I had hair extensions in even though my hair is long, eyelash extensions done, a million hair pins and grips in my hair and 5 bottles of water, as it was so hot in there.

I did 4 looks 2 registry looks, one party look, and a traditional contemporary Asian wedding look. I was pleased with all my photographs and when I get them this week I will up load to show you.

I have also been starting some work on Valentines day cards to sell for the special day. Once I have completed a card I will photograph and up load for you to check out and let me know what you think.

Happy Blogging From Miss Rav Budwal xxx