Today I start my project with art works after meeting after meeting here we are the first day! Watch out for the next post with all the highlights from the big LOL!

Yesterday was a fabulous day so out into the sunshine we went, me and Sab went to a lovely park in Bingley Myrtle Park and we sat by the tranquil river, saw cows across the hills and even a herring which is currently nesting on the island in between both sides of the river! 

Here are some pics : )




Seriously how many texts and emails have I had regarding my last post guys! Come on I will fill you in as soon as I know the full score : )

What has been happening in the life of Miss Rav Budwal?

I saw my other best friend last week as she came home for a few days and we had a girly night in and then a night out hahaha.

It has also been decided that when me and my two best friends have our wedding we are having  chocolate fountains at the reception! We melted chocolate and had fresh strawberries with it and they were a dream come true in out mouths tehehehehehe!

I am guessing you all probably caught the Brits? I to watch the Oscars and repot back to you on the hot and the ugly out fits of the night!

Happy Blogging x


Dudes, Dudettes and CBFG’S (cute big friendly giants)

Okays so feeling incredibly good but pooped at the same time the gym is really taking it out of me! Plus I decided to join aqua-size which is really good and gives you a fun work out in the water (being able to play with floats and foam tubes has nothing to do with me joining : D )!

I decided that I am going to make you wait until valentines day to see my designs, so If you want to feel the love on February the 14th; then have a peek at my post on that day to cheer you up. I promise it isn’t all lovely dovey smushy crap.

Also I think I metioned the tiger print competion which I am entering and once the deadline is up then I will post a picture of the image I sent in. Very excited about it to be honest take a look at the brief if you want –

Finally my photo-shoot images, hope you like them…

Registry Look

Wedding Day Look

Party Look

See you soon x


Hello and a warm (because its freezing outside) welcome to new AND old followers!

In the spirt of Christmas I having been looking for ‘different’ gifts and ideas this year take a peek…

Courtesy of Stylist Magazine, I was reading through Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Style and picked some of my favourites (that some people may be getting).

For those of you that might fancie something I have tried to add direct links and all product info for you : )

Cabbage CA

Classic Dark Liquid Chocolat

Vintage Coca-Cola Machines – 1957 Vendo 81 Coca Cola Machine

  • Original refrigeration unit, converted to work on a British power supply.
  • Updated coin mechanism
  • All the original hardware
  • Suitable for all standard size glass beer bottles, glass bottles of coca-cola and even mini bottles of bubbly!
  • £7000.00
If you guys were wondering about my interview from last week… Im afraid I did not get the job never mind onto bigger and brighter things. If anyone knows of any work experience opportunities within textiles and design please do get in contact : )
And on a brighter cheeky last note seeing as this has just come on whilst I am writting this post isn’t Rosie Huntington looking smoking hot and sultry in the Burberry Body Perfume advert! Great way to sell perfume, who says sex doesn’t sell??


Hey guys and girls

So aside from the project which is obviously NOT happening, ive decided I am going to work through a  drawing book on figures. In all honesty I am not the best figure drawer, in fact as you will probably notice throughout my work I draw abstractly because I look at texture moreover obvious details.

So perfecting the drape of fabric and creating different textures in a range of medias is what I aim to do. I am starting with taking self drawn images back to their most raw form, e.g pencil and paper, ink and scribe, black fiber tip pen smudged with water.

Check out what ive been up to so far 🙂

Page one Texture 101 – playing with pencil, how you can create shadow effects using different line thickness and good quality pencils.

Page two Fabric 102 – I was trying to show a large body of fabric (in the form of a ball gown) I used a black fibre tip pen, and a thin paintbrush with water on to create form, drape, shape and light on the fabric. Also here you can see how the amount of pressure applied to the pen effects the thin quality and still proved a texture in itself.

Page three Texture in fibre pen 103 – As the pen drawn dress plus water smudging worked out really well, I thought I would demonstrate how effective this technique is. I love the round circles at the bottom, I swear to you I only used a black fibre tip pen and water. The different coloirs you can see in the black from this page and pge two, come about because there are two types of black. And in the two pages I used Two different black fibre tip pens.

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