Hi just to bullet point in a nut shell my crazy busy life

  • School
  • Lesson planning
  • Trips to the glen
  • Trips to the angel of the north
  • Playing in the snow
  • Entertaining
  • Eating (as always)
  • Gym
  • Applying for jobs
  • And as I write this post watching the snow fall from the dark sky.

As Christmas seem like a far distant snug memory, every time the snow falls I am tricked into thinking it has come around again! School is amazingly fantastic and I am very happy at my new placement school. My classes are lovely and the staff are great! I am teaching textiles, food, resistant materials and G.C.S.E textiles. Everyday is fun and sometime a bit nervy but it is all in the preparation. Although when I made bread rolls on Friday with my year 8’s mine turned out horrible (in all fairness to me i was tending to my class).

So as this snow keeps falling here I am thinking about warm sand in between my toes, water tickling at my ankles and the sun beaming down on my face. Can not wait for summer!!

Imagen being here… : )



Why do so many people hate Christmas??

For me as a Sikh Christmas is not a religious holiday but we acknowledge it is the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and think that the story of the nativity is lovely!

So obviously we celebrate in a  commercial way, tree, presents, food, drink and most importantly family. So I can NOT understand why people are like I hate Christmas!??? How??

The most important point for me is spending time with all those that you love and enjoying each other company, so why moan about it? It comes around once a year and wasn’t it the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ that brought so many different people together, inn keepers, carpenters, wise men and shepards!

Be happy, go to church, pray, eat, drink, party, what ever it is that you do be happy and enjoy your loved ones and the snow!

Spent Monday with my mum and sister getting last min presents for the fam which will slowly be descending upon us in the next few days.

But have had some time to play more with colour stripping take a look. I wanted to do more of these since my last successful strip which inspired me to crochet.



Hello and a warm (because its freezing outside) welcome to new AND old followers!

In the spirt of Christmas I having been looking for ‘different’ gifts and ideas this year take a peek…

Courtesy of Stylist Magazine, I was reading through Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Style and picked some of my favourites (that some people may be getting).

For those of you that might fancie something I have tried to add direct links and all product info for you : )

Cabbage CA

Classic Dark Liquid Chocolat

Vintage Coca-Cola Machines – 1957 Vendo 81 Coca Cola Machine

  • Original refrigeration unit, converted to work on a British power supply.
  • Updated coin mechanism
  • All the original hardware
  • Suitable for all standard size glass beer bottles, glass bottles of coca-cola and even mini bottles of bubbly!
  • £7000.00
If you guys were wondering about my interview from last week… Im afraid I did not get the job never mind onto bigger and brighter things. If anyone knows of any work experience opportunities within textiles and design please do get in contact : )
And on a brighter cheeky last note seeing as this has just come on whilst I am writting this post isn’t Rosie Huntington looking smoking hot and sultry in the Burberry Body Perfume advert! Great way to sell perfume, who says sex doesn’t sell??