Hello Everyone : )

Ahh I know you saw the email in your inbox’s and the links on twitter and facebook and thought, Oh my she has finally done a post! Cheeky!

I am sorry for been away for the past two weeks but life has taken me away from drawing and playing with bits and pieces to actually almost deciding that I am going to go back to University in September… 

Since I have spent almost four months in school I am thinking of going back to study my PGCE (which is the qualification needed to be able to teach) I want to do secondary education in textiles. But the only thing that puts me off is the mounting costs of fees. So what to do, no permeant job as of yet folks, but I am still applying so continue to watch this space. I know its boring but imagine how I feel tehehehehe! 

I have a freelance project starting next month so that will keep me busy and creative for a month : ) the brief for the project is called “The Intergnerational Textile Project”. More details will follow and hopefully pictures too.

School is going fantastic and I do really like it if you remember from and earlier post about my paper mache fish based on Laurel Burch, well thats nearly complete but I havent been allowed to bring it home yet but when I do I will up load a pic : ) My classes have moved around so now I am aslo cooking I have made chilli, rock buns, savoury rice and bread. Fun times! My other class are making textile kites which is great fun we are using nylon ripstop (the actual materail that kites are made from) to produce fully functional kites. Some of the designs that the kids have created are really good, things from graffiti writting to I love strawberries with millions of tiny little strawberries on; unfortuanlty I am not allowed to photograph the kites so you will have to take my word on it.

Other news… Still eating way to much ahahaha but I have officially lost weight now : ) yey! But I’ve hurt my shoulder in the gym so cant train or swim for a week!

I have been shopping too and brought some really cute dresses for summer have a peek…



 Blue is going to be a super hot colour for this season deep blues, royal blues, sea blues if you’ve got blue on you are bang on trend! (Jeans don’t count!)

Anyway the sun is finally here : ) and Its making me smile. I had a fantastic weekend and a brilliant Monday! Ended up in a cafe, yeah me in a cafe! LOL! The food was okay and the company was okay too (just kidding, the company was lovely as always) you make me smile : ) xxx

Have brilliant week everyone lots of love Miss Rav Budwal xoxoxox