Sunday 24th March 2013


Snows back again and the hopes of a holiday are near! Because soon it is Easter (hmm any excuse for some chocolate)

So what do I have to tell you now?? Well congratulations to my three friends who have found new jobs one is Helen Law and she is going solo into the wedding stationary business- GOOD LUCK! Charlotte who has landed her first teaching job – so proud : ) And the other who has found his dream teaching job- WELL DONE!

Also I have passed my assignment at the master level so I am really happy about that! School is going great at the moment but I have a scary feeling it is going to get very hectic after Easter… Watch this space. On the other hand have not had much luck with jobs just yet, so fingers crossed please readers! 

Soooo as you know I love my food, lets not pretend I don’t! (Even though I have been busting my ass in the gym and lost half a stone 🙂 happy days)

Here are some designer Easter eggs you may like to purchase…

Happy Blogging and reading : ) xox



Hi just to bullet point in a nut shell my crazy busy life

  • School
  • Lesson planning
  • Trips to the glen
  • Trips to the angel of the north
  • Playing in the snow
  • Entertaining
  • Eating (as always)
  • Gym
  • Applying for jobs
  • And as I write this post watching the snow fall from the dark sky.

As Christmas seem like a far distant snug memory, every time the snow falls I am tricked into thinking it has come around again! School is amazingly fantastic and I am very happy at my new placement school. My classes are lovely and the staff are great! I am teaching textiles, food, resistant materials and G.C.S.E textiles. Everyday is fun and sometime a bit nervy but it is all in the preparation. Although when I made bread rolls on Friday with my year 8’s mine turned out horrible (in all fairness to me i was tending to my class).

So as this snow keeps falling here I am thinking about warm sand in between my toes, water tickling at my ankles and the sun beaming down on my face. Can not wait for summer!!

Imagen being here… : )


Hi Guys!

Okay from my younger brothers sweet 16 to the completion of my fish (below)

Front ViewImageBack View 

ImageSo happy with my Laurel Birch inspired container it took long enough that much I can tell you, a full half term LOL!

Also made pizza this week at school and they were tasty tehehehe! On Wednesday I felt a bit creative. As my brother has been revising for exams there were loads of highlighters out all over the dinning room table. I saw the vibrant colours and thought hmmm. I just picked up a thin tipped liner and just began scribbling, it turned out that I did 4 nice continuous line drawings / pattern type abstract art pieces. Have a peek : )


ImageImageImageThe pink one is my favourite its very free…

I have found out alot about people this week too. Some people want to love you, some want to care and some don’t care at all. So people show your love and if you get rejected move on lifes too short and if you proposals accepted make them feel like they are the most special person in the whole world! 

Got to shout out to my best friend Sab she is the best freind any girl could have! And that reminds me I met Laura last week too and me and her are trying to have a date in Wagamamas but it is just not happening lol!

I also left school on Friday I have stopped volunteering now because I need a full time paid job. So back to the drawing board! (How ironci ‘draing baord’).

Heres some  of the cards the students made me awww sob sob!



Hello Everyone : )

Ahh I know you saw the email in your inbox’s and the links on twitter and facebook and thought, Oh my she has finally done a post! Cheeky!

I am sorry for been away for the past two weeks but life has taken me away from drawing and playing with bits and pieces to actually almost deciding that I am going to go back to University in September… 

Since I have spent almost four months in school I am thinking of going back to study my PGCE (which is the qualification needed to be able to teach) I want to do secondary education in textiles. But the only thing that puts me off is the mounting costs of fees. So what to do, no permeant job as of yet folks, but I am still applying so continue to watch this space. I know its boring but imagine how I feel tehehehehe! 

I have a freelance project starting next month so that will keep me busy and creative for a month : ) the brief for the project is called “The Intergnerational Textile Project”. More details will follow and hopefully pictures too.

School is going fantastic and I do really like it if you remember from and earlier post about my paper mache fish based on Laurel Burch, well thats nearly complete but I havent been allowed to bring it home yet but when I do I will up load a pic : ) My classes have moved around so now I am aslo cooking I have made chilli, rock buns, savoury rice and bread. Fun times! My other class are making textile kites which is great fun we are using nylon ripstop (the actual materail that kites are made from) to produce fully functional kites. Some of the designs that the kids have created are really good, things from graffiti writting to I love strawberries with millions of tiny little strawberries on; unfortuanlty I am not allowed to photograph the kites so you will have to take my word on it.

Other news… Still eating way to much ahahaha but I have officially lost weight now : ) yey! But I’ve hurt my shoulder in the gym so cant train or swim for a week!

I have been shopping too and brought some really cute dresses for summer have a peek…



 Blue is going to be a super hot colour for this season deep blues, royal blues, sea blues if you’ve got blue on you are bang on trend! (Jeans don’t count!)

Anyway the sun is finally here : ) and Its making me smile. I had a fantastic weekend and a brilliant Monday! Ended up in a cafe, yeah me in a cafe! LOL! The food was okay and the company was okay too (just kidding, the company was lovely as always) you make me smile : ) xxx

Have brilliant week everyone lots of love Miss Rav Budwal xoxoxox


Hello, been rushed off my little size 3 feet!

School had gotten very interesting lately. We have finished our budvases and now with one group I am cooking, savoury rice and bread have been made so far. With the other two groups we have started a new project kites. Where we are researching and learning how to follow understand trends and target markets.

Also in the fabulous world of design I have started to get my thinking cap on for this project which begins in June and I have plenty of ideas and things to bring to the table : )

I follow a lot of blogs and receive millions of newsletters from various publications and here some bits I have found über cool…

Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend, and enjoy the Queens jubilee if you are doing anything to mark the occasion! xxx

The Metrocard Project by Melanie Chernock stemmed from a class assignment to “create a deck of cards”. She did not want to do something expected so she immediately started to think of all the different types of cards there are. The concept of redesigning the Metrocard felt natural to her – “I love the idea of taking something iconic and putting my own twist on it.” Creating the cards was an experimental process for Melanie. She had to make around 100 cards to get 25 good ones.


The Metrocard Project by Melanie Chernock stemmed from a class assignment to “create a deck of cards”. She did not want to do something expected so she immediately started to think of all the different types of cards there are. The concept of redesigning the Metrocard felt natural to her – “I love the idea of taking something iconic and putting my own twist on it.” Creating the cards was an experimental process for Melanie. She had to make around 100 cards to get 25 good ones. 

Even though the current Metrocard design has been around for years, it could use a little updating. The card itself gets so much exposure and should be something thoughtfully designed. The purpose of the project is to show the many ways there are to design a better Metrocard and to promote better design within the city.

“I love the idea of taking something iconic and putting my own twist on it.”

The French based couple designers, François Alary and Ophelie Klere make chic goth wear in a strict black and white palette. After the success of their label Dévastée, they just launched Apres la Mort, a micro unisex collection described as dark and morbid, the collection is very strong !

Pantone release images of new colours as insperation for future trends.


Ah second week back tot he daily grind! Fantastic news on all fronts…

School is going well, my paper mache fish is coming on nicely just need to add another layer or mache to it and then paint it up Laurel Burch style!

I have got a placement with in Milton Keynes in two weeks with Argos which is music to my ears all this hard work is paying off : )

Had some interest today in some of my cushions which I am hoping will bring in some money (I have an MOT to pay for along with a new clutch FUN!)

Any ways as promised my Vesper Project, all of which were taken with a standard 15 megapixel fuji camera and no effects have been used, just fantastic natural lighting. All the images are shot as they were found enjoy…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage










First day back to school today for me and I am guessing its back to the daily grind for all of you too after a nice restful Easter break.

So what did you all get up to over the Easter period?

I was busy with relatives from Norway, then I went to visit all my mothers side of the family down south from good Friday until Monday. Then it was straight to the hospital, as my uncles dog bit my finger : (  so I thought I better get it checked out as after I had taken off the plaster my finger looked abit green. After 3 hours at the hospital and £15 odd of prescriptions I was told I had a fracture and an infection FUN! NOT!

The very next day I jetted off to Belgium with friends to celebrate my birthday which was fantastic! I took plenty of pictures of shops, bridges, building and iconic places and will upload asap! Was back by Friday and back at work that same evening!

Anyway so I started back at school today and my first lesson was art! Where my class had been studying Laurel Burch and are now onto making containers / money boxes based on her iconic designs. I also began to do one mine is going to be a container based on fishes. Once completed I will upload a photo and some step by step instructions on how to create a free standing container! My other class is product design where they are producing packaging for a acrylic laser cut 3 legged vase, which has a test tube running through the middle as a vase. But next week we will be starting a textile project of kites!

Blog soon xxx