January 16th 2013

Hello and a hearty HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! : D

Right amongst the new years resolutions I didn’t make here is one I will try my damn hardest to keep…

A blog post once a week to you my readers… If your still there and reading…

And if your not then I guess I will ramble onto myself. The Christmas break saw the end of my first placement in school. Which was very enlightening to say the least. (As I am doing my PGCE in design technology in textiles.)

School is a funny place… One in which memories are made, dreams are aspired to and we learn to interact positively with people. As a teacher you find your self constantly evaluating and re evaluating every situation and every task to ensure you are perfect. But so far it has not been possible to achieve perfection so I have been aiming for very good : ) which is more realistic. So from the weave and uni dairies comes the educational but still creative words and pictures from an aspiring perfectionist Miss Budwal!